Style 59 WordPress Theme

Style 59, A Free WordPress Starter Theme with Starter Stylesheet

Style 59 WordPress Theme

Style 59 is a WordPress theme created from the starter theme generator and the styles are added from Twenty Twelve theme.  It is one of the perfect starter style for starter theme.  If you are a developer, You can save a minimum of 10 hours in creating a fresh WordPress theme.  If you regularly use _S ( generated WordPress theme you will love to use Style 59 too. Basically, Style 59 is a WordPress starter theme.

We request you to download the theme and check the features.  The typography, The comment styles, All HTML elements styles are finely added.  If you check the related posts you will find what we are talking about.

The download is available from and also from our our site.

To download latest version, You can try from the site.

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