VRYN-Photolist , A Free WordPress Theme for Photo display

We have now with another excellent WordPress theme called “VRYN-Photolist”  .  This theme is basically a child theme of “Landscape WordPress Theme” .

However, we have added 3 additional page templates to display the photos in the way you want.  Additionally, the photos are nicely animated when you scroll down to see them.

Hence, this is not just “yet another WordPress theme” for photographers, But with great features.

Please have a look at these screenshots.  For your convenience, we have made the screenshots here in scrollable format.  Below the screenshots, you can see the demo and downloads links.


Page Template 1

Page Template For VRYN-Photolist

Page Template 2

Page Template For VRYN-Photolist

Page Template 3

Page Template For VRYN-Photolist



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